Worcester Classical High School Class of 1963
50th Reunion October 12, 2013
50th Reunion Information

For those seeking Hotel Accomodations:

The Hilton Garden Inn in Worcester is adjacent to the DCU Center.
There is a reduced room rate for accomodations for the reunion. The reservation must be made by September 18th and call the hotel (see the link below) to make the reservation.

Here is a link to the hotel internet page. Unfortunately You will have to copy it and paste it in a search box or address box


About our School 

I'm sure that most members of high school classes look back at their school days nostagically.  If you haven't, now is the time for nostalgia and reacquaintance.

We members of the Worcester Classical High School class of 1963 graduating class do have reason to be proud not just of ourselves but of the school itself.

Sure, the building was almost 100 years old when we got there and parts of it were in such a state we wondered whether the fire department inspection team had been kinder to the building than to its daily occupants. But some very interesting and famous people walked those halls and sat in those classrooms (probably at those same "really" comfortable desks.)

Here's a short list of previous classes graduates/attendees/teachers:

  • The first woman to hold a Presidential cabinet position
  • The poet who wrote the most famous baseball poem, "Casey at the Bat"

  • A political activist (OK he might not have actually graduated) who was tried as one of the Chicago Seven for inciting a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention
  • A teacher who competed in the 1912 Olympics
  • A novelist who wrote two novels that were made into movies both of which are noted for their strong female characters (Ill bet that person had BOTH Miss Gilbert and Miss Shaugnessy!) 
  • A teacher who chased rockets (for $.50 each) for Robert Goddard while the teacher was a student and Goddard was a professor at Clark University. That was before the Worcester Fire Department told Goddard he could no longer launch rockets in Worcester and that's why the world's first liquid fuel rocket was launched in Auburn.
  • The poet who was also a Harvard graduate and was twice appointed the Poet Laureate of the United States

If you are thinking of not coming, please think again, otherwise we'll miss you!